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We Specialize in Still Life Photography,Light, Set Design & Video Content Creation

Moonset Nights Media is more than just a commercial photography and videography production company. We are storytellers, artists, and creators. We (Jen and Stef), specialize in a variety of photographic styles and innovative video content creation. We believe in the power of visual storytelling, and we channel our passion into crafting compelling narratives for our clients, from food & beverage companies to lifestyle brands.


Welcome to the Moonset Nights Team

Jen and Stef, the founders of Moonset Nights Media, bring unique strengths to our NYC commercial photography agency. Stef, with her background in journalism and over seven years in the media business, adds a wealth of industry knowledge and creative vision to our team. Jen, armed with robust research and analysis skills, contributes with her expertise in marketing management, photography, photoshop, and set design. Her exceptional talent belies her years, making her a formidable force in the industry

Stephanie Yuvienco

Creative Direction, Production

Introducing Stef, the co-founder and skilled photographer at Moonset Nights Media, your trusted commercial photography and videography company in New York City. With a deep-rooted love for photography that took root in her college days, Stef has honed her craft to deliver superior quality and creative imagery.

A background in journalism and a degree in broadcast/multimedia journalism equipped Stef with a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of visual communication. With over seven years in the media business, Stef's expertise spans various photography styles, including food & beverage, still life, lifestyle, and editorial photography.

Stef's distinctive style and approach to commercial photography bring a unique flair to Moonset Nights Media. 

Jennifer Portillo Moonset Nights Media

Jennifer Portillo

Producer, Marketing and Strategy

Meet Jen, the co-founder and creative powerhouse at Moonset Nights Media, a premier commercial photography and videography production company based in New York City. Jen's passion for storytelling and knack for strategic thinking set her apart in the competitive world of commercial photography.

Jen combines her literary prowess with an innate ability for deep research and analysis, which she seamlessly translates into crafting compelling visual narratives for clients.

With a multifaceted background in marketing management and social media management, Jen brings a holistic understanding of digital landscapes, essential in creating resonant and effective content.


Passion, Photography, and a Moonset Night

Our journey began with two people and a shared love for photography. Stef, a portrait photographer since her college days, and Jen, an avid photography hobbyist and storyteller, saw in their shared passion an opportunity to help others tell their stories. From our early beginnings to today's boutique operation, we've been inspired by a single moonset night - a night that symbolizes the personal touch, nostalgia, and thoughtfulness we infuse into every project.



Branding, Still Life, Commercial,

Food & Beverage


Content Creation

Beach Bonfire

Experience the Magic of Moonset Nights

While we might operate as a two-person machine, our approach is far from impersonal. At Moonset Nights Media, we believe in building relationships with our clients and understanding their brand stories. Our process involves tailoring each project to the individual client, treating their stories as our own. Our team is dedicated to weaving care, love, and attention into all that we do.

Our Successes

At Moonset Nights Media, we've been privileged to work with a myriad of clients, including notable. Our dedication to quality and creativity has earned us a trusted reputation, with many clients returning and referring our services. Our work has been featured in prestigious outlets such as Nordstrom, Macy's, People en Español, Univision, and has garnered international attention.
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