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  • Jennifer Portillo

Transforming HWC’s Brand on TikTok x Moonset Nights Media: A TikTok Marketing Strategy


A brand's online persona is so important, especially now that social media is essential in any company’s sales funnel. HWC, a non-alcoholic wines and spirits brand, recognized this. They envisioned a shift from an outdated digital presence to a luxurious and authentic brand personality on TikTok. They believed that enhanced online engagement would correlate with higher sales.

Senorio De La Tautila non-alcoholic rose shining in the light atop some beautiful knitted green fabric


  • Elevate Brand Image: Transition from a perception of datedness to one of luxury and authenticity.

  • Boost Engagement: Use the platform to foster genuine interactions and cultivate a dedicated follower base.

  • Drive Sales: Through increased online visibility and engagement, indirectly boost sales figures.

Target Demographics:

Catering to a niche, HWC aimed at the sober-curious, focusing on millennials, Gen Z, and Muslim Americans, a segment often overlooked by competitors.

TikTok Marketing Strategy & Implementation:

MNM, leveraging its expertise, adopted a multi-pronged strategy:

A highlight of Moonset Nights Media's client's TikTok growth. More thank 39K likes, more than 10K shares, more than 3K comments, more than 4K new followers, more than 5K bio link clicks

  1. Content Creation: Instead of working completely outside the company, MNM partnered closely with HWC. We orchestrated in-house shoots, scripted innovative content, edited videos, and refined the copywriting. We ensured each piece resonated with HWC's brand voice.

  2. Evergreen Content: We recognized the value of content that remains relevant over time, MNM championed 'evergreen content.' This meant that followers could organically discover HWC long after the content was published, increasing the chances of sustained engagement.

  3. Adaptive Publishing: MNM observed a phenomenon where some videos gained traction months after publication. Instead of expecting immediate internet stardom, we played the long game. We understood TikTok's unique engagement dynamics required build up.

Metrics & Results:

  • Likes soared to over 39,000.

  • Shares crossed the 10,000 mark.

  • Engaging dialogues manifested in the form of 3,240 comments.

  • Bio link clicks, a pivotal metric often correlating with sales, reached 5,310.

Beyond numbers, the Quality of Engagement stood out. Users weren't just passive consumers; they actively engaged, making the brand a part of their online discussions.

A graph showing MNM's impact on HWC's follower rate. MNM's efforts decreased the average follower loss rate from 21.32% to 8.19%
MNM began working with HWC in February after a halt in HWC's TikTok activity in January. MNM averaged 8.19% follower loss compared to HWC's previous average rate of 21.32%

Challenges & Overcoming Them:

  • Content Diversification: Discovering the right content blend was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Through rigorous A/B testing and data analysis, MNM pinpointed formats that resonated.

  • Balanced Posting: With an abundance of content, there was a risk of overwhelming the audience. MNM meticulously scheduled posts, ensuring consistent engagement without saturation.

  • Budget Adherence: With vast ambitions came budgetary constraints. MNM, through effective resource management, ensured optimal results without financial overreaches.

Stakeholder Feedback:

Feedback was the true testament to the campaign's success. Customers and collaborators voiced their appreciation, with mocktail videos becoming a particular favorite. Our content not only showcased HWC's products but also educated users, amplifying brand value.

Market Positioning & Competitor Benchmarking:

While peers like Boisson and Better Rhodes remained product-centric, HWC, under MNM's guidance, adopted a holistic approach. No and Low might have had similarities, but they catered to a different demographic. We highlighted HWC's unique market position.

Key TikTok Marketing Strategy Takeaways & Future Implications:

MNM's partnership with HWC reinforced several truths:

  1. Evergreen content is a treasure, ensuring sustained visibility.

  2. Patience is pivotal. In the realm of TikTok, immediate metrics don't always paint the complete picture.

  3. Understanding audience preferences is paramount. It's essential to strike a balance between virality and cultivating genuine followers.

As the digital landscape evolves, these lessons will guide MNM's future collaborations, ensuring success across diverse sectors.


MNM’s collaboration with HWC was more than just a campaign; it was a transformative journey. The results, both qualitative and quantitative, underscore the success of this venture. As the world of TikTok continues to evolve way beyond its original purposes, partnerships like these will define the rhythm of success.

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